Ros Gerber

My favourite hobbies include cycling, sailing, running, and canoeing  I get off on extreme adventures and have a constant desire to push the limits. I am also passionate about photography, painting, and animals. I have 5 dogs and a chicken who lives in my kitchen.

I want my passion for business, maths, and art to flow over onto the courses that I deliver.

I expect the highest standard that each individual student can bring to the course. I have infinite patience as long as the recipient is applying his or her full potential. That is irrespective of whether you are an A or an E grade student. My primary goal is to see you through an examination with the best of your ability.

I love delivering the Cambridge curriculum as it embodies the necessary skills and attitudes and values that are necessary to empower a new generation of thinkers and doers.

I can guarantee that I will make the subjects that appear mundane come to life and grab you and hopefully we can also have a few laughs along the way.

My motto is: Life is a journey, enjoy the ride…………

Courses by this teacher

Name Level Release Date
Economics: Course 1 15-11-2012
Computer Science 15-11-2012
Biology: Course 1 15-11-2012
Business studies (0450) IGCSE 17-12-2012
Cambridge Checkpoint 05-12-2012
IsiZulu 28-03-2013
A1 Business Studies 23-01-2014
Applied Information and Communication Technology A1 04-02-2014
Useful Information 08-03-2014
IGCSE Spanish (0430) 16-09-2014
Business Studies (0450) IGCSE Marketing Module 05-02-2015
Art and Design - The human form 19-08-2015
Art and Design - Drawing 19-08-2015
Business Studies (0450) IGCSE Operations Module 15-10-2015
Invigilators course: Mathematics for IGCSE 05-11-2015
Invigilators course: ICT for IGCSE 05-11-2015
Invigilators course: Accounting for IGCSE 05-11-2015
Exam Module Stage 7 CP1 15-11-2015
Exam Module Stage 8 CP2 15-11-2015
Exam Module Stage 9 CP3 15-11-2015
Business Studies (0450) IGCSE Finance Module 01-02-2016
Business Studies (0450) IGCSE Understanding business activity Module 01-02-2016
Business Studies (0450) IGCSE People in business Module 02-02-2016
Business Studies (0450) IGCSE External influences on business activity Module 02-02-2016
Biology (0610) IGCSE Module 1 04-02-2016
Biology (0610) IGCSE Module 2 04-02-2016
Biology (0610) IGCSE Module 3 04-02-2016
Biology (0610) IGCSE Module 4 04-02-2016
Business (9609) 1. Business and its environment 05-02-2016
Computer Science IGCSE (0478) Module Data representation and Communication and Internet technologies 08-02-2016
Computer Science IGCSE (0478) Databases, Floor Turtles and Coding 08-02-2016
Business (9609) 5. Finance and Accounting 27-05-2016